Moving Forward with Positive Self-Talk

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Leadership Coaching, Personal Development

It’s been a challenging two years for all of us. 

If no one has told you this lately — you are doing a good job. 

You’ve found a way to move forward during what has been a time of great uncertainty. 

You’re still raising money for your organization. You’re still focusing on building relationships. 

If you haven’t heard lately that you’re doing a good job, you need to tell yourself that. 

Of course, it feels great to have praise coming from an external source. But we all would be better off if we could praise ourselves. That kind of uplifting internal conversation will help us be more satisfied with ourselves and our work. 

Are you using positive self-talk to boost yourself and move forward, or are you being harsh or critical with yourself and only seeing your flaws?

You can learn to tell yourself that you’re doing a good job — and believe it. You don’t have to wait for someone else’s validation, which may never come. 

Coaching can help you with that. 

In my career as a fundraising staff member and consultant, I was just busy living my life. 

Then, I worked with a great coach who helped me slow down a bit and think about things, examine my own thinking, and adjust my self-talk.

I now am more satisfied with myself, my work, and my life in general, than ever before. 

How many times as a fundraising staff member did I feel overwhelmed with the number of requests, lack of planning, etc.? There were so many things to juggle all at once. I had very little control over things like the board and our strategic plan. I would have been more satisfied if I had had the benefit of some good self-talk and coaching back then. 

Coaching has had a huge impact on how I’m moving forward in the world. 

Coaching can do that for all of us. 

Ready to tell yourself you’re doing a good job — and believe it? 

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