How to Easily Review Your Year to Find Calm

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Personal Development, Yearly Review

Beginning a new year often makes us reflect on the year we just completed and plan for the year ahead. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of making resolutions. I start out with big ambitions — I’ll eat four vegetables and work out every day — and then four weeks in, my motivation has waned as life has gotten busier. In the end, making New Year’s resolutions usually makes me feel bad about myself if I did not achieve them. 

What I’ve done the last two years is review the past year and remember my successes rather than my failures and areas for improvement. I think about the areas where I’ve succeeded, tried new things, incorporated a healthy habit, accomplished something at work, and found peace and calm. It just makes me feel better when I focus on my wins rather than my losses. 

Each step I take to feel better mentally and physically is like one push forward on a merry-go-round. Each positive thing moves me forward a little more, and I start to get some real momentum.

This simple My Year reflection sheet will help you to review your year and find peace and calm. I encourage you to take five minutes and work through the questions. Think about:

  • Where did you succeed in 2021? 
  • What did you try that went well for you?
  • Where in life have you achieved an ease or flow, where things come easily to you?
  • What specific actions can you take to find more ease and flow? 
  • What actions can you take to move toward peace and calm rather than toward stress and anxiety? 
  • In which areas of life do you have room to grow and achieve?

It’s been a challenging year, but you’ve made it through it despite roadblocks and obstacles. Along the way, you had some wins. I hope reflecting on those wins brings you happiness and positivity that will propel you into the new year. 

Wishing you a peaceful, blessed, and prosperous 2022! I look forward to what’s ahead.

Use This Simple Tool to Reflect on Your Year

Download your free My Year reflection sheet to help you review your year and find peace and calm.