Focus on Your Mindset to Grow in 2023

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Leadership Coaching, Personal Development

As a new year begins, it’s normal for us to reflect on what we’ve done the last year and what we hope to do in the year to come.

The past three years have been … something. I can’t describe it in just one word. 

Instead of focusing on the past, I’d rather think about the future. I want to focus on what I did in 2022 and what I want to do in 2023.

Each step I take to feel better mentally and physically is like one push forward on a merry-go-round. Each positive thing moves me forward a little more, and I start to get real momentum.

I created this My Year reflection page to help you think about your year in review and develop plans for 2023. Not huge New Years’ resolutions that you’ll drop by Feb. 1. Something that will last for you all year long. 

What one single tool is the most effective at helping you reach your goals? Your mindset. Your thinking!

It can be easy for us to measure ourselves against our expectations and feel like we haven’t always met the goals we’ve set. In 2022, I didn’t eat a green vegetable every day, nor did I exercise every day. 

But instead of focusing on the gap between what we wanted to achieve and where we landed, focus on your mindset and your thinking. 

In the space between your expectation and your actual performance, what would happen if you reflected on your gains, the distance you’ve come, and your successes?

Looking at your gains will put you in a happier and more satisfied state of mind. 

Think about:

  • What are the gains you’ve made this year? How far have you come?
  • Where did you succeed in 2022? 
  • What did you try that went well for you?
  • Was there a time that you achieved ease or flow, where things came easily to you? What can you do to find more ease and flow? 
  • What actions can you take to move toward peace and calm rather than toward stress and anxiety? 
  • What can you let go of or drop? Maybe it’s activities, volunteer service, work tasks, a relationship, or things you can delegate to others.
  • In which areas of life do you have room to grow and achieve?
  • Fast forward to 90 days from now. You’ve taken positive forward steps to achieve one of your goals. How will you feel about making progress toward that goal? 

Despite the chaos of the past year (or three), I hope reflecting on your wins and successes brings you happiness and positivity that will propel you into the new year. 

I look forward to what the new year will bring.

Wishing you peace, calm, happiness, satisfaction, and success in 2023! 

Use This Simple Tool to Reflect on Your Year

Download your free My Year reflection sheet to help you reflect on your gains and focus on your mindset.