8 Factors of Happiness

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Leadership Coaching, Personal Development

This image created by QAspire Consulting really speaks to me. It highlights 8 Factors of Happiness, which include not living in the past, not wasting time and energy fighting things you cannot change, and not expecting too much from yourself. Letting go of grudges also is a big one.

Happiness is a choice, not just a feeling.

Do you want to be happy? How do you plan to achieve that? What are your current strategies for feeling happy?

There are plenty of examples of people who have chosen to be happy, satisfied, positive, and productive amid difficulty, including Selena Gomez, Michael J. Fox, Carrier Fisher, and Michael Phelps.

The opportunity we have is to increase our self-awareness while being more mindful that there are difficult things that happen to all of us, and we can’t make it through life without some sorrow, misfortune, and challenge. 

What we can do, what’s in our power, is to focus on our mindset and how we think about these challenges, our thoughts and beliefs. Each of us can work to choose happiness.

We can build our emotional intelligence and our ability to understand and manage our emotions.

We can understand what we’re feeling and why, and how our feelings can affect those around us.

The past three years have shown us that the unexpected and tragic can happen anytime. 

It’s been a season of learning for me. 

Learning that I truly can’t control everything, that I can’t always choose my circumstances, that the difficult and the tragic happen amid great beauty, love, joy, and generosity. 

We cannot control the thoughts and actions of other people. 

We are the only person responsible for our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, even though we may try to blame other people around us or our situation for our negative thoughts:

“She does X and it really bothers me” or “He always has such a bad attitude at work. It’s really frustrating to work with someone like that. I get stressed when I must meet with him.”

Our strength lies in our ability to choose our thoughts and beliefs. 

Can we choose happiness amidst chaos? 

Can we reframe our thinking, and shift from reacting to what happens to us to choosing to feel peaceful and calm?

Yes. We can. 

Are you ready to reframe your thinking and find happiness?

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