Uplevel Your Leadership Quotient

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Leadership Coaching

You may have started in your field because your work had meaning. You could see how your job was making a difference.

You’ve probably been promoted along the way, and you now lead a team of people, whether it’s made up of employees, volunteers, or board members. 

But did you receive training on how to be a better leader? It’s so common for people to be promoted into a leadership role because of their technical skills in the industry and not because they are a strong leader.

Whether you work in the nonprofit or for-profit sector, how you show up at work as a leader makes an enormous difference in your personal satisfaction, your performance, and the performance of your team. 

Would you like to improve your performance as a leader? 

If you want to uplevel your leadership abilities, consider the following questions:

  • How do I perform and engage in the context of leading my team?
  • How can I see and take responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs, actions, and results?
  • What goes on inside me that becomes visible on the outside of me?
  • What thoughts or beliefs can I give up or let go to make space for new insights?
  • What would absolute success and abundance at work look like? 
  • What parts of me are holding me back?

Coaching leads to results

One-on-one coaching can help you examine your strengths, your skills, and how you show up as a leader. Together we will increase your leadership effectiveness by identifying your strongest leadership practices and your challenges. Where you’re stuck, I’ll help you move forward. Where you have blind spots, I’ll help you see. Where you’re frustrated, I’ll work with you to figure out the root causes and find solutions. 

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