Transform Yourself

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Leadership Coaching

I get it. You’re a skilled professional, but life is busy. Kids, parents, spouses, partners, volunteer duties, lawn mowing, kids’ sports, vacation, laundry. Life is hectic for all of us.

But what I see happening is that we reach a certain level of success and we pause. 

Maybe we don’t have a clear goal in mind.

Maybe we have a goal, but we aren’t sure how to achieve it.

Maybe we’re afraid we might fail.

Maybe we’re feeling ambivalent. 

Overcoming hesitation

We hesitate. We aren’t sure if we really want to go for it. What’s the cost of striving for it? What’s the cost to our mental health? Can we really take on one more project?

I get a lot of calls from people who want to achieve their Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) qualification. I’ve held mine since 2000 and have taught numerous classes on the CFRE to help others earn theirs. Their questions almost always fall into one or more of those areas above.

So, here’s what I’ve learned while guiding people on how to achieve their CFRE. It’s applicable to achieving any goal.

Once you commit to your own transformation, you’ve got power and momentum. The power to achieve what you want to achieve. The power to earn a valuable certification. The power to be a better parent. The power to be a better leader. The power to be a better entrepreneur and CEO. The power to be happier with yourself, your life, and your path. 

Perhaps the skills you needed early in your career aren’t the same ones that will take you to the top rungs of leadership. Perhaps you need more to get there. There are lots of great webinars and conferences out there where you can learn skills.

But what I’m talking about is deeper and more aligned with the core of who you are.

What’s essential is your commitment to transformation

There are no shortcuts. No one to do it for you. No easy way out.

But what you can have is someone to guide you, to show you the way.

I am that person for you.

What would you do if you knew you would succeed? What transformation would you want to make? What level of leadership would you like to achieve?

It takes more than a wish to change. It takes commitment to transformation.

I can help. 

Through executive coaching, I can help you define and achieve your goals by developing the mindset, habits, and actions you need to produce tangible results.

Email me and let’s talk.