Top 10 SparkNonprofit Blog Posts of 2022

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Fundraising, Leadership Coaching, Planned Giving

Before we get too far into 2023, I thought it would be a useful exercise to take a look at what were the most-visited blog posts on SparkNonprofit last year. The results were interesting and humbling. And in one case, a bit surprising. Here I offer you my top 10 posts of 2022: 

Time management for CEOS, overcoming fears, and planned giving 

There was a three-way tie at the bottom of the top 10. 

Time Management for CEOs attracted some interest last January, a month when many of us are looking for ways to better manage our time and be more organized. For leaders, time management boils down to a thinking problem. Coaching can help you explore your thinking and figure out where you can make the most impact so you can better lead your team, achieve more, and find peace and satisfaction. 

Equally popular was a piece I wrote at the mid-way point of the year, Overcome Your Fear and Soar, which includes questions to consider If you’re considering a job switch, or starting a freelance job on the side, or if you’re facing some other sort of big decision and you’re stressing out over it. 

To my surprise, rounding out this tie was an article I published in September 2021 on Planned Giving: Top 10 Questions to Spark a Conversation. It’s gratifying to know that people continue to find this useful. In addition to coaching, I help nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals by crafting and implementing personalized fundraising strategies. 

Recruiting board members 

As an executive leadership coach, I help CEOs and busy nonprofit executives lead, succeed, and develop their team. That team includes board members. Coming in at no. 7 was a post I wrote about Do’s and Don’ts for Recruiting Board Members

Change your limiting beliefs

The sixth most-clicked-on post of 2022 was How to Find Evidence to Change Your Limiting Beliefs.  It includes a simple exercise you can do in three minutes to help stop these limiting beliefs that are holding you back and improve your performance as a leader. 

SparkNonprofit turns seven 

On May 22, 2015, I officially formed SparkNonprofit to develop fundraising strategies so nonprofits raise more money and build stronger relationships. In 2021, I added a new service: executive coaching. A post I wrote about Celebrating SparkNonprofit’s Lucky Seven Anniversary ended up becoming the fifth-most-popular post of 2022. 

Who steers your ship? 

The fourth-most-popular post, Who is Steering Your Ship?, isn’t really about sailing. But it does discuss the sailboat exercise to help you develop more autonomy and realize that you are “the captain of your own ship.”

Doors close, but they also open

In third position was a post about how Doors Close, Doors Open. The end of one thing is the beginning of another. We can choose to stay focused on what is not here anymore (the doors that closed) or to be aware of the new doors that are open before us. A shift in our thinking helps. 

What I’d never say to clients 

“I think you should create another special event” is just one of the Five Things I’ve Never Said to a Client, the second-most popular post of last year. I wasn’t being snarky. Events are too time-consuming for the amount of money you’ll raise. 

My top post of 2022 was my most personal one

It did not surprise me to learn that my most-read blog post of 2022 was a very personal one I wrote shortly after the death of my father. I was thinking about how my father viewed success through his relationships and the deep connections he made with friends, family, God, and fellow church members. Material success can look hollow and cheap compared to the richness of the lives Dad touched and influenced. In Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose,  I share some questions you can use to help you think about what success and meaning mean to you. 

What would you like me to write about in 2023? 

Are there topics you’d like me to tackle this year? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Email me