Leadership Coaching: Create a Better Future for Your Nonprofit

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Leadership Coaching, Personal Development

Even after many years of successful fundraising and consulting, I felt like I could be better — and do better for my clients. So, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve added a new service: Leadership Coaching. 

Through Leadership Coaching, I can help you envision a better future and take action to achieve more, and find peace, joy, and satisfaction. I coach CEOs, Executive Directors, and senior professionals who want to lead their teams. 

What’s standing in the way of what you want? 

I’m committed to ongoing learning and professional education as I strive to do more and to help clients achieve more. For example, I am actively involved in the Association of Fundraising Professionals-Hampton Roads Chapter.

In 2020, I attended the AFP Hampton Roads Fundraising Leadership Symposium. Kim Ades, President & Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, was the presenter.

Kim asked two phenomenally powerful questions: 

  • What do you really, really want? 
  • What’s standing in your way of that? 

Within 48 hours of the symposium, I signed up for coaching from one of Kim’s coaches at Frame of Mind. Then I worked with a great coach named Lynn and examined my thoughts and beliefs, relationships and goals, sweet spots, and challenges.

All that guided introspection sparked a realization for me: Leadership Coaching is another way I can help busy nonprofit leaders take action so they can raise more money effectively and find peace of mind. 

Why the Frame of Mind coaching model?

You don’t need a coach to hold you accountable. You can do that for yourself. 

I love Frame of Mind’s approach. Above all, FOM focuses on examining your thoughts and beliefs that lead to your actions and results, rather than on an accountability coaching model where you set goals and work to achieve them while a coach holds you accountable. 

From my coaching courses, I learned that your thoughts and beliefs determine your outcomes and results. Align your thinking with where you want to go, or you will limit your results. This resonated with me. I know it will resonate with my clients, too. 

Leadership Coaching helps you examine your thoughts and beliefs

In nonprofit fundraising, we spend so much time focusing on the outcomes and results. For instance, how much did we raise this year? How many people attended our gala? How much did our board raise and give? How many donors do we have? 

By examining our thoughts and beliefs, and those of our board members, we can make positive changes that will lead us to better outcomes and better fundraising results.

I completed Frame of Mind’s certification methodology courses so I could offer this same coaching method to my nonprofit clients.

If you’re interested in achieving better results and greater peace and satisfaction in your personal and professional life, Contact me to learn how Leadership Coaching can help you.