Leadership Coaching: A Spa for Your Mind and Soul

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Leadership Coaching, Personal Development

You don’t need a coach to hold you accountable while you work toward your goals. The value of leadership coaching lies elsewhere: helping you to examine your thoughts and beliefs that lead to your actions and results. 

Working with a coach helped me so much that I decided to train to become a coach myself. Last fall, I began offering Leadership Coaching as a service for my clients. 

What can Leadership Coaching do for you? 

My coach helped me examine my thoughts and beliefs, relationships and goals, sweet spots, and challenges.

Sharing some recent feedback I received from a client may provide some insight about the kinds of breakthroughs you might achieve when you have a coach in your corner who creates a safe space for you to voice your worries, challenges, dreams, and goals. 

I am honored that this client trusts me and shares personal things that influence the way she contributes to her work. 

This client’s goal is to be a successful relationship manager, strategic developer, and overall valuable member of a team. “Ultimately, I want to be able to connect with joy and peace every day – I don’t want to let the heaviness that seems to live, like a parasite, inside of me win,” she said. 

The coaching we have done together, she said, has allowed her to pause, reflect, and process the way she thinks, reacts, and moves through the world. 

“Learning to understand that the stories I tell myself when there aren’t any answers available, aren’t the truth – they’re just a possible scenario and that I can create a possible scenario with a positive outcome, too,” she said. “That skill has really taken so much of the weight of negativity off my shoulders. I feel like, suddenly, I’m not as responsible for everyone else’s misfortune or their happiness.” 

A couple things surprised her about the coaching experience: 

  • Small shifts make huge impacts and lead to bigger, long-term changes. 
  • The world changes significantly when you practice telling yourself the alternate story, making you a better listener and stopping you from pushing people away because of assumptions. 

Here’s what she had to say when I asked her what she would tell someone who’s considering working with me: 

“I highly recommend investing in yourself by working through the coaching process with Allison. It’s the ultimate spa experience for your mind and soul.”

Learn more about how Leadership Coaching can help you

Through Leadership Coaching, I can help you envision a better future and take action to achieve more, and find peace, joy, and satisfaction. I coach CEOs, Executive Directors, and senior professionals who want to lead their teams. 

If you’re interested in achieving better results and greater peace and satisfaction in your personal and professional life, contact me to learn how Leadership Coaching can help you.