How to Incorporate Coaching into Your Leadership

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Leadership Coaching

One of my coaching clients is facing a challenging situation as a leader. It’s something I encounter often with clients.

His new employee is missing deadlines, not submitting required reports, not showing up for work on time, and wearing shorts to work when the policy clearly outlines that professional dress is required on the job. He’s resistant to the supervisor’s direction and correction. 

What can this leader do to incorporate coaching and improve his employee’s performance at work?

It can be natural for us to provide clarification on policies, to correct the behaviors, to feel frustrated or disappointed, and to wonder if this employee will work out in the long run.

As leaders, we want everyone to move forward in the same direction. We want to excel. We want our organization to grow and to achieve our mission. 

To use the bus analogy, we work hard to get the right people in the right seats on the bus. 

What happens when we begin to wonder if they truly are the right people?

What to ask yourself as a leader

As the leader, ask yourself:

What do I believe to be true about this employee? What’s the story I’m telling myself about them and their performance? Is that story true? Is there another possibility?

What beliefs do I hold that impact that employee?

How do I see them? What skills, talents, and knowledge does that employee bring to their job?

Where is my focus with this employee? Is it on their strengths, skills, and successes?

How does my thinking and beliefs about this employee influence how I see them?

What are my employee’s thoughts and beliefs that happened before their actions? Are their thoughts pointing them in the right direction?

What beliefs do they hold about themselves and their performance? Are those beliefs true? Are those beliefs helpful and pointing them in the right direction?

Coaching conversations in which you ask the employee these questions can be incredibly powerful.

A parent who always focuses on the negative, the misbehavior, saying “no, don’t do that” or “no, that’s wrong” might not get the behavior they seek. Instead, they could say “try it this way” or “do this.” Point the child in the direction you want them to go. Lead the way rather than only correcting the bad behavior. Celebrate that employee’s wins.

As a leader, you’ll create better employee performance through coaching and positive behaviors than through focusing on failures and disappointments.

Learn more about how to incorporate coaching as a leader

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