Flip Your Thoughts and Choose Confidence

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Leadership Coaching, Uncategorized

I had coffee with a friend who recently earned a promotion and is now leading a team of four.

What is it like to step up to being the CEO? 

Do you get stressed out in leadership situations? 

It’s so common for us to occasionally have moments of insecurity or self-doubt.

If that happens to you, instead of going negative with your thoughts and insecurities, what if you flipped it to “what if I’m exactly the leader this team needs?”

What strengths make you effective?

Where do you turn when you don’t have all the answers? You can’t always talk to your board, and your spouse or partner might be tired of hearing it.

You need a psychologically safe space to talk, where you don’t have to have all the answers. 

Maybe you are the perfect person for the job you have. Whatever you believe about yourself, it’s true. 

Rather than thinking “when X happens or the board does Y, or we raise XXX dollars, then we will be great,” what if you flipped it and thought “I’m going to shift the lens to myself. I find calm inside of me and great things flow from that.”

How can you move to that place of calm?

What things can you do to promote a sense of calm?

Where in your life do you currently feel calm?

What are your strengths that make you effective as a leader?

So how do you get yourself into a better headspace?

Instead of slipping into thoughts like “I doubt myself when I’m in X situation,” flip your thoughts to “sometimes I’m not good at or good with … but I’m great at … .” 

That gives you time and space to think about the times and places where you are good at or with something. Consider:

  • When are the times when fundraising and leadership have come easily to you? 
  • When are the times when you felt like a good leader?
  • When are the times when you gave a great presentation?
  • When are the times and places where you felt confident?
  • What are your strengths that help you inspire, motivate and engage your team?

If you look at the data, I feel certain you’ll find times and places where you’ve been calm, confident, effective, and successful.

Instead of responding to a stimulus and getting stressed out, you can stand in the middle and choose your response. Make space for that choice. 

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