Enhance Employee Performance with a Positive Leadership Mindset

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Leadership Coaching

How can you change the way you see your employees?

One of my coaching clients and I recently talked about this topic and the concept of what you focus on grows.

Here’s one way this simple but powerful phrase plays out in real life.

See the best in your people and boost their performance

If I think of my employee as skilled, talented, committed to the mission and hardworking, that’s what I’ll see in them.

That positivity will come across in my interactions and communications with them. They’ll feel it. 

But the opposite is also true.

If I think of that employee as a problem, an annoyance, someone to be dealt with, someone who doesn’t work hard, someone who’s always late or leaves things halfway done, then that’s what I’ll see.

That’s what they’ll hear and feel from me. 

What I focus on will grow.

My annoyance or frustration with them will come across in the way I talk with them, and in my expectations for them.

Being the best version of themselves

Helping our employees and teammates be the absolute best version of themselves is one of the single most important roles we have as leaders.

To be effective, we must muster the skills and talents of our entire team and get them going in the same direction.

But that can be challenging.

How can we help employees be the best version of themselves?

Does how we see them affect how they show up?


Should you as the leader change how you see your employees? If so, how do you do that? 

What are some tools for altering how you see people?

For this coaching client and team leader, one employee has struggled with their performance. They’ve been reprimanded. They’ve had one-on-one sessions with their manager.

My first question to this leader was “how do you see this employee?” 

We also explored other questions such as:

  • What do you believe to be true about this employee?
  • Are those beliefs really true, or are you making up a story about this employee in the absence of facts?
  • Does their daily work align with their skills and talents?
  • Does the employee show an understanding of how their work aligns with the greater mission of the organization?
  • Does the employee demonstrate an understanding of the why, not just the how of their work?
  • What’s their “why” for working at your organization?
  • How are your negative thoughts and beliefs about this employee helping them? 
  • Where are your own thoughts and beliefs about this employee getting in the way of their performance?

Every employee has their strengths – and their weaknesses.

Is it possible that you’ve been focusing on their weaknesses and areas where they did not meet expectations, instead of seeing their whole self including their skills and talents?

It’s on you to enhance employee performance through a positive leadership mindset

As a leader, the greatest tool you have is your mindset. 

If you want to change how this employee shows up and performs, start by changing your own thoughts and beliefs about them.

You as the leader have to do the internal work first.

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