Mid-Year Check-In: Optimizing Goals

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Fundraising, Leadership Coaching

How is 2023 going for you?

It’s hard for me to believe it’s already the end of July. It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying our extended cool spring, and now back to school is just a few weeks away. In some school systems, teachers report back even sooner.

Assessing where you stand and your fundraising progress

July is a great time for checking in with yourself, reassessing, and planning for the fourth quarter of the year. Do a mid-year check-in.

If you’re a fundraiser, it’s a great time for evaluating where you are with your most regular, longest, and biggest donors. Have they given this year? Have you been in one-on-one contact with them, whether face to face, virtual, or via phone? If not, get on it.

If your organization is on a calendar year fiscal year, you still have time to reach and exceed your fundraising goals for this year. But you can’t wait until September to start that final push.

Summer is a great time for planning your fourth-quarter fundraising activities and writing your year-end appeals and social media posts.

A mid-year check-in will help you end the year successfully

Whether you’re a fundraiser, a CEO, or a small business owner, now is a great time to reassess:

• What were your goals for this year? What have you accomplished so far?

• Is there anything you’d like to accomplish in the remaining months of the year?

• What one thing would you like to be different in your life in 2024?

• What’s your strategy for getting there?

• What’s standing in your way?

• Do you have any thoughts or beliefs that are limiting your effectiveness at reaching your big goal?

A simple tool for your planning and strategy at mid-year check-in

I created this simple “My Goal” plan to assess where you are and where you want to be. I encourage you to take a look and give some thought to where you want to be in six months.

Overcoming roadblocks with coaching

If you feel unsure about your strategies to reach that goal, or you’re not sure what beliefs might be impacting your success, please reach out. I’d love to have a conversation about that.

Together we can work to clear any roadblocks you may have. Contact me.

The bottom line

As we approach the end of July, it’s essential to pause and assess the progress we’ve made so far. For nonprofit executives, fundraisers, small business owners, and CEOs, this mid-year check-in is a perfect opportunity to evaluate goals, fundraising efforts, and strategies for the remaining months. Reconnect with donors, plan for the fourth quarter, and utilize the “My Goal” plan to optimize your path to success. With thoughtful planning and determination, you can make the fourth quarter a triumphant period for achieving your objectives.