A Matrix to Recruit New Board Members

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Board, Development Office

What’s your plan to recruit new board members? Do you have a method in place, or do you simply look for people who have passion for your organization?

Having the right board members on board will determine the future of your organization and its potential for fundraising success. Too often, board members are recruited because they are known by an existing board member and they seem interested in the cause. If you want to have a strong, active board, it’s essential that you select your board members carefully and evaluate them before any recruitment begins. This matrix will help you evaluate and consider a potential board member’s suitability and skill.

Calculating Your Score

Candidate’s name: ________________________________________________________________________________

There is no perfect score, and no board member who is strong in every single area. Weigh the scores of your potential candidates carefully and use this tool to identify and recruit new board members. Assign a score of 1 to 4 for each item, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being ideal or highest. Multiply your ranking times the weight. Then add the total and compare against the score at the bottom.

CriteriaYour scorex Weight= Total
Able to attend board meetings regularly________3________
“Fit” with existing board members________1________
Influence & regard within our constituency________2________
Willing to be involved in soliciting gifts________3________
Financial capacity to give________3________
Philanthropic intent/willingness to give________3________
Alignment with our mission/passionate about cause________4________
Able to give appropriate time to our organization________3________
History with our organization________1________
Giving history with our organization________1________
Name recognition in our community________1________

Score (Weight x Your Evaluation)

86-100Wow! You have a great potential board member.
74-85This person is worth serious consideration.
62-73Should probably go on a list for now. Work to make them a better candidate.
61 and belowYou should probably not consider them unless they bring some other important attribute (significant financial capacity, etc) that outweighs other criteria.

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