Samantha Makes It a Little Easier (SMILE)

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Case Studies


SMILE was a startup nonprofit built through the passion and hard work of its
founders, but it had no full-time staff and was volunteer-run. The board of directors and the fundraising program were just beginning to take shape. SMILE needed to figure out how to raise funds to provide equipment and services to the children it served.


SparkNonprofit worked with SMILE to develop a structure and governance model for their board of directors and an annual development plan they could execute with volunteers.


With SparkNonprofit’s guidance, the SMILE team gained confidence and increased their knowledge. They tripled fundraising in less than 5 years and recruited new board members who actively raised money and advocated for the organization in the community.

You delivered guidance, support, and expertise, and mentored our staff and board. You helped SMILE become what its founders envisioned. You’ve been an invaluable resource for our organization.

Kristen Mantlo


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